Company Overview

PT. REKA INDONESIA SERVICES was established on 10 May 2007, as growing companies and handle multiple jobs in manufacturing, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

We always try to make new innovations to improve the quality and quantity of production. Where the quality, capability and responsibility has always been base in establishing relationship with business associates.

We try to concern to get achievment of work by give the best service, save quality of work and time efficiency in the finishing of work

We have workshop with high quality machine and supported by experience experts in their respective fields

We hope can be a good partner and can provide solutions to meet the needs of industry wich according to our field

In order to serve our client better, we form several divisions, which are :




Design and Engineering

With our experienced engineering team we are your partner to investigate, analyse, advice, proposed and supervise your investment in oil, gas, water and waste water treatment project. We also provide refurbished program for existing plant which divide in several stage to ensure that the project will minimum effect to production and increase the efficiency, the services are includes :

Feasebility study

Conceptual and basic design

Detail engineering

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Optimization and Upgrading

Feed condition sometime getting worse and sometimes the existing plant is insufficient to treat at the actual feed conditions. In this conditions, the performance of the existing plant will reduce in quantity or quality, sometime the using some chemical will temporary solved the problem, but the operational cost will increase

Sometimes the existing equipment was not maintained properly and has been operated in very inefficient electrical and chemical cost in this condition we have work out with our client from manufacturer, consultant and also main contractor to find out the best solution for their plant. Re-optimizing is to ensure the plant provides sufficient quantity and quality with proper production cost

Our company

Our design and engineering team have also made several standard engineering for packaged water and waste water treatment plants

The increasing of product requirement may cause factory expansion and or other development was incompatible with your existing plant. Improvement of production capacity and quality was possible by upgrading your existing plant

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